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Dragnet Homicide: Cigarette Butt (TV-PG) Upon investigating a murder at a seedy, low-rent apartment building, the LAPD detectives are dejected until they discover their one and only clue.
Dragnet Homicide: DR-22 (TV-PG) When a young woman is murdered, the LAPD detectives are called into investigate, with their prime suspect being the apartment manager.
Adam-12 Operation Action (TV-PG) Malloy is taken hostage by a violent radical who wants his friend released from prison in exchange for Malloy's life; Reed goes on a search to find his partner.
Adam-12 Log 122: Christmas - The Yellow Dump Truck (TV-PG) Reed and Malloy go on a search for a stolen vehicle containing Christmas toys; the officers travel around the city delivering Christmas care packages.
Simon & Simon Trapdoors (TV-PG) Rick and A.J. are hired by a bank official to find out how a computer whiz kid has accessed the bank computer system and helped himself to some spending money.
Dragnet Burglary Auto: Courtroom (TV-PG) Sergeant Friday and Officer Gannon find that a trial is jeopardized when the key witness is late for the hearing and technicalities make things difficult.
Dragnet The Christmas Story (TV-PG) Gannon and Friday must track down a missing baby Jesus statue that was stolen from the front of a church and the culprit before Christmas day.
Adam-12 Harbor Division (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed are assigned to patrol the harbor area of Los Angeles; the police officers meet a boring man who lectures them about astrology.
Adam-12 Rampart Division (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed are assigned to patrol the Rampart district of Los Angeles; the partners are forced to deal with an elderly woman who had her purse stolen.
Simon & Simon A.W.O.L. (TV-PG) After being accused of and charged with possession of drugs, a seaman asks for the brothers' help in clearing his name after he takes off.
Dragnet Burglary Auto: Juvenile Genius (TV-PG) The LAPD brings down a gang of unlikely young criminals who have been involved in a crime wave of burglaries across Los Angeles and its suburbs.
Dragnet Bunco: $9,000 (TV-PG) Sergeant Friday and Officer Gannon investigate the claim from an ex-vaudevillian-turned-bum that he was cheated out of money he found on the street.
Adam-12 Foothill Division (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed are assigned to patrol a country area of Los Angeles; the police officers chase a dangerous gang of car thieves on horseback.
Adam-12 The Princess and the Pig (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed are put on a tough investigation involving a prominent gang of drug dealers in Los Angeles; Reed is forced to go undercover.
Simon & Simon Still Phil After All These Years (TV-PG) During their mother's high school reunion, the brothers uncover clues to a long unsolved murder case when they open an old time capsule.
Dragnet The Joy Riders (TV-PG) In an attempt to keep a teenager out of a life of crime, the police show him life in the jail, but the boy ends up caught in the middle of something much worse.
Dragnet Burglary: Helpful Woman (TV-PG) Sergeant Friday and Officer Gannon begin the investigation of a woman who uses a helpful guise in her theft scheme to steal from the elderly.
Adam-12 Venice Division (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed are assigned to patrol around Venice Beach in Los Angeles; the police officers receive an obscene call about a violent crime.
Adam-12 X-Force (TV-PG) When Malloy and Reed are assigned to look for a missing six-year-old girl, Malloy takes the case personal and accuses a former child molester of the crime.
Simon & Simon The Cop Who Came To Dinner (TV-PG) Following a serious injury, Rick and AJ believe Downtown's life may be in danger, and in order to protect him they invite him to stay.
BraveStarr Night of the Bronco-Tank (TV-Y7) BraveStarr, Shaman, and Commander Kane must work together with Stampede in order to stop a mechanical bronco-tank from wreaking havoc.
Godzilla (TV-G) The crew of a seafaring research vessel are befriended by a giant monster that protects the explorers' ship whenever they seem to be experiencing trouble.
Groovie Goolies (TV-G) A rock band comprised of Dracula, the Wolfman, and Frankenstein scares fans.
Lassie Alias Jack and Joe (TV-G) When a fight erupts amongst a group of boys during a game, one of the children is struck in the head by a rock and knocked unconscious.
Bonanza The Hopefuls (TV-PG) Adam offers his protection to a family of Quakers, but is unaware that his companion is planning a robbery, forcing him to trample their passive ways.
My Favorite Martian How Are You Gonna Keep Them Down on the Pharmacy? (TV-G) People are sapped of their energy when they gaze into Martin's eyes; Martin needs some vitamins immediately or else he will become weaker and weaker.
My Favorite Martian Miss Jekyll and Hyde (TV-G) A former child prodigy has an "understanding" with her beau in which they have a dedication to each other shy of a formal engagement.
25 Most Heartwarming Holiday TV Moments (TV-PG) The cultural impacts of touching holiday moments from television history are examined as a closer look is taken at special seasonal productions.
Hart to Hart A Christmas Hart Jonathan and Jennifer are robbed while at a special birthday party for Max, so they decide to go undercover doing Jingle-Grams in order to find the criminals.
Dragnet The Little Victim (TV-PG) Gannon and Friday investigate when they receive a report that a child was beaten; the two become suspicious by the parents' unconcerned behavior.
Dragnet Burglary: The Son (TV-PG) The LAPD detectives pursue a runaway thief through the usual laundering and re-selling channels, including all local pawn shops and known former drug dealers.
Adam-12 Van Nuys Division (TV-PG) Reed and the police force make fun of Malloy when he decides to grow a mustache; the partners rush to the scene of a plane crash to find an intoxicated pilot.
Adam-12 Training Division (TV-PG) A rookie policeman joins the Los Angeles Police Department, and Malloy and Reed do not like his arrogant attitude; the new cop is put to the ultimate test.
Simon & Simon Like Father, Like Son (TV-PG) Following the murder of an investigative reporter, Rick and AJ are asked to watch over his son, but he ends up asking them to find the killer.
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Dragnet A.I.D.: The Weekend (TV-PG) A weekend of rest and relaxation for Officer Gannon and Sergeant Friday is constantly interrupted, causing the peaceful break to turn chaotic.
Dragnet Narcotics: Pillmaker (TV-PG) The LAPD investigates a private citizen manufacturing pharmaceutical drugs in his home, then forcing his employees to sell the product in his stead.
Adam-12 Capture (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed go on a desperate search for a former convict who is hiding out in Los Angeles; the police officers attempt to stop a prowling canine.
Adam-12 Hollywood Division (TV-PG) Pete is smitten with the new dispatcher because of her voice; a young girl is hit with a car, and her brother luckily caught the license on the vehicle.
Simon & Simon The Case of Don Diablo (TV-PG) A wine company's advertising campaign including a contest to find an expensive cooler of wine pits the brothers against each other in the search.
Dragnet Auto Theft: Dognappers (TV-PG) The detectives search for two suspects who steal dogs from cars in parking lots, then return them to the owners and collect the high rewards.
Dragnet Missing Persons: The Body (TV-PG) LAPD detectives Friday and Gannon are assigned to attempt to identify an unknown female corpse whose only discernible feature is a ring.
Adam-12 Northeast Division (TV-PG) The police officers receive a shocking call regarding a holdup; the partners are forced to deal with a young boy who scares people with his motorcycle.
Adam-12 If the Shoe Fits (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed receive information about a young boy who is hiding out in a building that is going to be demolished; Malloy gets a new pair of squeaky shoes.
Simon & Simon Yes, Virginia, There is a Liberace (TV-PG) When a young girl's father vanishes just before the holidays, Rick and A.J. spend Christmas Eve combing the entire city of Las Vegas for the missing man.
Dragnet The Christmas Story (TV-PG) Gannon and Friday must track down a missing baby Jesus statue that was stolen from the front of a church and the culprit before Christmas day.
Dragnet D.H.Q.: Night School (TV-PG) Friday decides that it has been too long since he was involved in higher education and enrolls in a night class, where even there crime follows him.
Adam-12 Southwest Division (TV-PG) The police officers receive a call about a man looking through windows; Malloy buys a painting from a dealer who turns out to be selling art illegally.
Adam-12 The Sweet Smell ... (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed investigate a case concerning a priest who is accused for stealing from his church; a bottle of perfume is spilled in the back seat of the car.
Simon & Simon Mrs. Simon & Mrs. Simon (TV-PG) Two flight attendants from Greece ask the brothers to protect them after they witness a murder and fear that they will be next.
Dragnet I.A.D.: The Receipt (TV-PG) Friday is asked to join an internal affairs investigation targeting his fellow LAPD detectives who are accused of stealing money from a homicide victim.
Dragnet Robbery: Harassing Wife (TV-PG) A vindictive ex-spouse causes problems for the LAPD and eventually herself by falsely reporting her ex-husband for every burglary committed in the town.
Adam-12 Christmas (TV-PG) Reed and Malloy are forced to spend the Christmas holiday patrolling; Reed decides that he wants to deliver a Christmas tree to a Senior Citizen's home.
Adam-12 North Hollywood Division (TV-PG) The officers receive a call from a woman who believes she hears a lion roaring in her neighborhood; Malloy has an article written about him in a newspaper.
Simon & Simon Just Because I'm Paranoid... (TV-PG) The brothers are hired to guard a marathon runner who believes she needs protection from a dangerous stalker; A.J. and the office are attacked.
BraveStarr Strength of the Bear (TV-Y7) When BraveStarr loses his powers, he enters the wilderness to renew his bond with the animal spirits.
Godzilla (TV-G) The crew of a seafaring research vessel are befriended by a giant monster that protects the explorers' ship whenever they seem to be experiencing trouble.
Groovie Goolies (TV-G) A rock band comprised of Dracula, the Wolfman, and Frankenstein scares fans.
Lassie The Alligator (TV-G) Lassie becomes startled after realizing that an escaped alligator has ventured into the deep waters of the lake, which is in close proximity to their location.
Bonanza Denver McKee (TV-PG) Former lawman McKee is asked to assist in the capture of an outlaw gang, while celebrating the return of his 18-year-old daughter Connie.
My Favorite Martian Uncle Martin's Wisdom Tooth (TV-G) A dentist-phobic Tim takes Martin's place at the dentist; the remedy causes Martin's eye teeth to go cross-eyed, as does his vision.
My Favorite Martian Dreaming Can Make It So (TV-G) Once Martin discovers that Mrs. Brown has accidentally poisoned him, he tries to detoxify himself before they all get blown to smithereens.
A Snow White Christmas (TV-G) The Wicked Queen creates a huge ice storm after learning that the younger Snow White is the fairest in the land, and Snow White must retreat.
The Dick Van Dyke Show The Alan Brady Show Presents (TV-G) Alan Brady gives up control and lets the members of the writing staff and their families perform on Alan Brady's Christmas show special.
Make Room for Daddy Christmas and Clowns (TV-G) With Margaret not home for the holidays for the first time, the children are missing their mother; to make up for it, Danny gets contact with circus performers.
Dragnet Burglary: Baseball (TV-PG) Sergeant Friday and Officer Gannon are close on the heels of a sneaky safe burglar who doesn't steal for the money, but for the sport.
Dragnet The Bullet (TV-PG) Friday and Gannon try to uncover what happened when the body of a man is found shot to death in a locked room and a loaded weapon.
Adam-12 Taking It Easy (TV-PG) Officer Reed hurts his wrist in an accident and is forced to go on front desk duty temporarily; Malloy receives a new rookie partner until Reed heals up.
Adam-12 The Beast (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed are given a temporary police cruiser that continually breaks down on duty; the partners butt heads with a beautiful car theft.
Simon & Simon For Old Crime's Sake (TV-PG) The brothers reopen a fifty-year-old case involving a bank robbery, in which one thief ran off with all of the money and his three accomplices seek revenge.
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