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Adam-12 The Tip (TV-PG) Officers Malloy and Reed plan a careful stakeout for a burglary at a savings and loan, but the criminal robs the place right under their noses.
Emergency! Botulism (TV-G) John is enraged by a round of practical jokes and devises a scheme to get back at the pranksters; a man fractures his back after a lengthy fall.
Quincy, M.E. Next Stop, Nowhere (TV-PG) Quincy believes that a type of punk rock music promoting violence is partially to blame for the stabbing death of an 18-year-old club-goer.
Murder, She Wrote Test of Wills (TV-PG) Jessica is invited to a lumber tycoon's island retreat in order to determine which member of his own family is trying to kill him.
Adam-12 Adoption (TV-PG) Malloy and Roy discover an underground adoption ring and seek to stop it for good; the police officers are sent on an intense vehicle chase.
Emergency! Cook's Tour (TV-G) John delivers an infant with blue baby syndrome; Roy gets a bad time about his cooking; a boy's hand gets stuck in a vase; a man repairing a washer is shocked.
Quincy, M.E. Across the Line (TV-PG) A suspended police officer he recruits Quincy to dig for evidence that could clear him of any wrongdoing in the accidental police shooting of a hostage.
Murder, She Wrote Town Father (TV-PG) The town is shocked when their bachelor mayor is publicly accused by a woman of being the father of her five children.
« McMillan & Wife Freefall To Terror Mac and Sally try to figure out what happened to one of his good friends after they watched him plunge to his death after falling out his office window.
The A-Team Chopping Spree (TV-PG) The A-Team attempt to trap those involved with an auto theft ring, and use their own vehicles, including the van and Face's Corvette, to attract them.
The A-Team Harder Than it Looks (TV-PG) The team is hired by a business tycoon to rescue his daughter from the terrorist holding her hostage, but when they find her, she isn't as willing to let go.
Miami Vice Bought and Paid For (TV-PG) When Gina's Haitian friend says the son of an ambassador raped her, the investigation is hampered by the son's diplomatic immunity and the friend's recantation.
Naturally, Danny Seo Real Food (HD, TV-G) Danny features a vegan chocolate silk pie, kitchen ingredients for healthy skin, exclusive secrets for making laminate and an all natural window cleaner.
Give Give to Veterans Finding the Way Home (HD, TV-G) Wilmer Valderrama visits two Los Angeles based organizations that help veterans recover from war wounds and adjust to civilian life.
The Champion Within The Gold Standard (HD, TV-G) A women's hockey player works to bring Olympic success back to the U.S.; a 12-year-old phenomenon appears to be the future of Italy's gymnastics.
Murder, She Wrote If the Shoe Fits (TV-PG) A financially struggling son of a factory worker is charged with murdering their lecherous landlord, who has made life difficult for them.
Murder, She Wrote How to Make a Killing without Really Trying (TV-PG) Jessica decides to get a lesson about how to learn how to properly invest her money, but quickly learns she picked the wrong day to do so.
Adam-12 Sub-Station (TV-PG) A frustrated actor takes a flight attendant hostage and threatens a television producer to give him an audition in exchange for the life of the stewardess.
Emergency! Brushfire (TV-G) When a wildfire erupts, Station 51 is called in; John and Roy rescue a pair of elderly sisters, treat an injured fireman, catch a thief and find a lost dog.
Quincy, M.E. Sword of Honor, Blade of Death (TV-PG) Sam becomes entangled in an organized crime investigation after his best friend, a police officer, dies during an undercover mission to take down mafia.
Murder, She Wrote The Big Show of 1965 (TV-PG) Jessica begins to investigate an old murder case when she attends a variety show reunion where a mystery woman makes an appearance.
Adam-12 Who Won? (TV-PG) Reed and Malloy receive ongoing calls about illegal car racing going down at the house of a drag racing promoter, so the officers step in to help.
Emergency! Dealer's Wild (TV-G) Tired of losing, Johnny creates his own card game; Roy helps a boy land a plane after his father has a heart attack; paramedics respond to an attempted suicide.
Quincy, M.E. The Law Is a Fool (TV-PG) Quincy tries to prevent a confessed kidnapper from using the legal system's loopholes to be acquitted for the abduction a 7-year-old girl.
Murder, She Wrote O'Malley's Luck (TV-PG) An Irish detective is not convinced that a real estate mogul committed suicide, and decides to prove that his death was actually a murder.
Adam-12 The Wednesday Warrior (TV-PG) When the Los Angeles Police Department begins training local citizens to be on the lookout for crime, Malloy thinks the process is a big waste of time.
Emergency! Nurse's Wild (TV-G) A store owner feels remorse after shooting an armed robber; Johnny is attracted to a student nurse; Dr. Early treats a patient with delirium tremens.
Quincy, M.E. Guilty until Proven Innocent (TV-PG) A relentless U.S. federal prosecutor uses aggressive, cutthroat tactics to go after Quincy's friend for suspected involvement in arson and insurance fraud.
Murder, She Wrote Shear Madness (TV-PG) Jessica gets involved with a murder investigation when she travels to Texas for her cousin's wedding and finds that the bridegroom is murdered.
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Adam-12 The Late Baby (TV-PG) Malloy falls for a young girl in the stenographer's pool and seeks to go on a date with her, but her uncle turns out to be a fellow police officer.
Emergency! Publicity Hound (TV-G) Johnny is jealous of the coverage Wheeler is getting from a friend at the newspaper; Johnny gets seasick as he and Roy save a man tangled in his ship's rigging.
Quincy, M.E. Cry for Help (TV-PG) Police believe a man killed his girlfriend, but Quincy and Emily analyze the victim's psychological profile to determine whether it could have been suicide.
Murder, She Wrote The Sicilian Encounter (TV-PG) A member of British intelligence must contend with a widow's in-laws who are also mobsters while he is in Italy dealing with an adventurer.
Adam-12 Lost and Found (TV-PG) An 8-year-old boy with diabetes runs away from a Los Angeles hospital, so Malloy and Reed attempt to find him before he goes into a diabetic coma.
Emergency! Weird Wednesday (TV-G) After Johnny complains that the weird cases always happen on their shift, their day starts with a parachutist in a tree; a man has the hiccups and can't stop.
Quincy, M.E. A Loss for Words (TV-PG) Quincy discovers that a factory employee's accidental death can be attributed to his inability to read the safety and warning signs at his job.
Murder, She Wrote Deadly Misunderstanding (TV-PG) A young reporter mistakenly helps a typist in changing the evidence in a murder by helping to move her husband's body.
« McMillan & Wife Reunion in Terror The San Francisco police commissioner and his capricious wife frequently find themselves in the middle of a crime scene and part of the investigation.
The A-Team Deadly Maneuvers (TV-PG) The team goes under medical-style physical training and a group of crime lords pay a Major a fortune to train an evil counterpart to put the team out.
The A-Team Semi-Friendly Persuasion (TV-PG) A society of men is being terrorized by another group who disagrees with their way of life, so one of them hires the A-Team to build their meeting house.
Miami Vice Phil the Shill (TV-PG) The con man who fleeced Switek returns, but he can't get his revenge because the squad is counting on the grifter to help them break up a major cocaine ring.
Naturally, Danny Seo Raiding Your Fridge and Pantry (HD, TV-G) Danny presents uncommon ways to use ordinary ingredient; vegetables are transformed into decadent desserts; DIY natural cleaners are presented.
Give Jenna's Favorite Give Moments (HD, TV-G) Jenna reflects on remarkable moments, which includes retired soccer player Kyle Martino bungee jumping and actor Derek Hough dancing with children.
The Champion Within Fountain of Youth (HD, TV-G) After a hockey player sustains a traumatic hit, he starts a foundation to serve spinal-cord research; a teenage girl makes sacrifices to be an Olympic swimmer.
Murder, She Wrote A Body to Die For (TV-PG) The body of Eve Simpson's friend, and local gym owner, is found dead in her own bedroom without an explanation.
Murder, She Wrote The Return of Preston Giles (TV-PG) Despite Jessica's efforts to put him in prison, her former publisher has been released and Jessica thinks he may be responsible for a stabbing.
Adam-12 Badge Heavy (TV-PG) Malloy puts his entire career on the line when he accuses a fellow police officer of beating suspects, and no one in the department believes him.
Emergency! Weird Wednesday (TV-G) After Johnny complains that the weird cases always happen on their shift, their day starts with a parachutist in a tree; a man has the hiccups and can't stop.
Quincy, M.E. Beyond the Open Door (TV-PG) Quincy is doubtful that a woman with psychic powers can help police hunt down a serial killer targeting teenage girls, but the murderer isn't so skeptical.
Murder, She Wrote Ballad for a Blue Lady (TV-PG) Jessica pays a visit to Nashville to catch up with her blues singer friend, Patti Sue Diamond, but must investigate who poisoned Patti Sue and her husband.
Adam-12 The Surprise (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed get caught in a shootout with burglars at a gasoline station; Malloy lets his friends know that he doesn't want a surprise birthday party.
Emergency! Dilemma (TV-G) A woman has a heart attack inside a stuck elevator; Johnny is pursued by a fireman groupie; a nursing student becomes flustered around Dr. Brackett.
Quincy, M.E. On Dying High (TV-PG) After a country singer is badly burned during a drug-related accident, Quincy goes on a crusade to get reluctant witnesses to speak about the incident.
Murder, She Wrote Family Doctor (TV-PG) The son of a patient of Seth's who passed away, takes out his revenge by kidnapping him and Jessica in Boston.
Adam-12 The Chaser (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed are assigned to locate and stop a dangerous bounty hunter, and the investigation goes nowhere until they receive information from a waitress.
Emergency! Hang-up (TV-G) John is irritated because a case interrupts the episode of Adam-12 he's watching; two beaten-up men come to the emergency ward and restart their fight.
Quincy, M.E. Quincy's Wedding, Part 1 (TV-PG) While Emily works on marriage preparations with a wedding planner, Quincy performs an autopsy on an elderly man who appears to have died of natural causes.
Murder, She Wrote Moving Violation (TV-PG) An ambassador's son is found murdered in Cabot Cove just one hour after making bail for drinking and driving, and Jessica is set on clearing Mort's name.
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