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Magnum, P.I. Skin Deep (TV-PG) An actress is killed in a method that resembles a suicide scene from an upcoming movie, but Magnum examines her personal life and is suspicious.
Magnum, P.I. The Ugliest Dog in Hawaii (TV-PG) When someone attempts to steal a wealthy socialite's dog, Higgins volunteers Magnum to quarantine and protect the animal, but its ex-owner wants it back.
Dragnet The Starlet (TV-PG) A young girl's aunt asks Friday and Gannon to go and find her niece who left home to become a star but has gotten caught up in pornography.
Dragnet The Big Clan (TV-PG) A local gypsy community faces unrest when one of their families seeks control and even offers Sgt. Friday money to help them do so.
Murder, She Wrote No Laughing Murder (TV-G) Jessica tries to resolve a feud between two famous stand-up comedians, but murder takes the center stage.
Murder, She Wrote No Accounting for Murder (TV-G) Jessica helps Grady Fletcher solve the murder of his boss, and must also deal with a supposed "phantom" who is haunting the building.
Dragnet The Little Victim (TV-PG) Gannon and Friday investigate when they receive a report that a child was beaten; the two become suspicious by the parents' unconcerned behavior.
Dragnet The Squeeze (TV-PG) Friday and Gannon try to get a confession out of an ex-con, but he refuses to budge, until they show him the tricks they have up their sleeves.
« Mystery Science Theater 3000 Indestructible Man (TV-14) Joel and the bots riff adventure serial "Undersea Kingdom" and a film about executed criminal brought back from the dead by a mad scientist; police jokes.
Monster from Green Hell (NR, *) When a nest of wasps is sent into space as part of an experiment, they crash in Africa and the radiation from space causes them to grow to enormous sizes.
Tootsie (TV-PG, PG, ***) A demanding New York actor poses as a woman to land a job on a soap opera after alienating every producer by being extremely difficult to work with.
Hollywood Treasure London Calling (TV-PG) Joe gets a phone call that propels him across the Atlantic and into England, where he examines claims of the vehicle featured in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."
Hart to Hart Max in Love Max falls in love with a beautiful woman, but when their home is robbed, Jonathan and Jennifer begin to suspect Max's girlfriend of the crime.
It Takes a Thief Totally By Design (TV-PG) When the dictator of a small country in the Persian Gulf intends to buy weapons, Al is sent to steal bank information that will allow them to stop his plan.
Dragnet The Suicide Attempt (TV-PG) Friday and Gannon take on the impossible task of trying to find a man who plans to commit suicide before it's too late after he calls his mother.
Dragnet The Big Departure (TV-PG) A group of teenagers seek to fund their own community on an island off California by committing crimes, including stealing from local stores.
Starsky & Hutch Iron Mike (TV-PG) The duo spot a well recognized Police Captain taking an envelope from a crime kingpin, but discover he is being told of other crime organization's activities.
Knight Rider Not a Drop to Drink (TV-PG) Michael is sent by Devon to try and stop a war that is raging over the matter of certain water rights granted.
Dragnet The Investigation (TV-PG) Friday and Gannon search for answers about where a Police Academy recruit was during a six-month blank spot on his academy application.
Dragnet The Big Gambler (TV-PG) Friday and Gannon must examine a company's employees when they discover $100,000 is missing, and a man with a gambling problem raises questions.
The Bionic Woman Canyon of Death (TV-PG) A Native American boy joins Jaime's class in the Air Force Base; Jaime is kidnapped by men bent on stealing a top-secret atomic-powered flying suit.
The Bionic Woman Winning Is Everything (TV-PG) Jaime becomes a navigator for a professional driver during an Dash-i-Ravar international race; she is to recover a cassette tape that contains secret info.
Dragnet The Big Problem (TV-PG) Friday and Gannon find themselves at a standstill when a man barricades himself in an apartment when faced with an arrest for traffic violations.
Dragnet Public Affairs: DR-07 (TV-PG) LAPD detectives Sergeant Joe Friday and Officer Bill Gannon are called upon to discuss the politics of the department on a local TV show.
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Magnum, P.I. Never Again... Never Again (TV-PG) Magnum and Rick are suspicious when their two friends suddenly want to leave town, and their suspicions grow when the husband is kidnapped.
Magnum, P.I. Lest We Forget (TV-PG) A judge nominated for the Supreme Court hires Magnum to find a woman he lost track of during the Pearl Harbor bombings after he receives blackmail threats.
Dragnet Juvenile DR-05 (TV-PG) The LAPD detectives are called upon to perform night watch duty for the local troubled teens, learning about the societal climate of a 1960s teenager.
Dragnet Community Relations: DR-10 (TV-PG) The LAPD detectives are asked to recruit local minority candidates into the department, but run into problems handling the racial issues.
Murder, She Wrote Doom with a View (TV-G) Grady is found with the dead body of a women he knew from his college days who had started dating a married frat brother.
Murder, She Wrote Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder? (TV-PG) Amos Tupper gets a visit from his sister when she announces she's leaving her husband, but soon her husband is found murdered.
Dragnet Management Services: DR-11 (TV-PG) The LAPD detectives are caught up in the whirlwind of activity within the department and citizenry following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dragnet Police Commission: DR-13 (TV-PG) The detectives are called upon to deal with the local marauding "wildcatters" who are taking advantage of and victimizing fellow motorists.
« Mystery Science Theater 3000 Eegah (TV-14) A man trapped in a space capsule is forced to watch terrible movies with his robot pals who help him provide a running commentary to the grade B fare.
Nasty Rabbits A pair of Soviet spies departs for the shores of the US, where they attempt to start a nation-wide epidemic using vicious rabbits.
Legends of the Fall (TV-14, R, **+) The sons of a retired Army officer find that the foundation of their bond is shaken when a beautiful woman comes into their once peaceful lives.
Hart to Hart With This Gun, I Thee Wed The Harts are invited to the wedding of Jonathan's former girl, but after arriving they discover she is being forced to marry a ruthless criminal.
It Takes a Thief When Thieves Fall In (TV-PG) Al is sent to retrieve a coat that contains a special map, and enlists Charlie's help.
Dragnet Homicide: DR-06 (TV-PG) Sergeant Joe Friday throws a weekend party at his apartment to get to know his co-workers better, and is shocked about some of the information he learns.
Dragnet Robbery: DR-15 (TV-PG) The LAPD detectives spend the evening taking various reports of theft and following through on the investigations, including a tense stakeout.
Starsky & Hutch The Setup, Part 2 (TV-PG) Starsky and Hutch are framed and suspended while trying to uncover the secrets of a renegade gunman trying to avenge his wife's death.
Knight Rider No Big Thing (TV-PG) Devon lands himself in trouble when a misdemeanor puts in him jail when a fellow inmate is murdered by police in a small town where no one else knew the man.
Dragnet Public Affairs: DR-12 (TV-PG) The LAPD detectives are called upon to assist the secret service when the President of the United States makes an impromptu visit to Los Angeles.
Dragnet Training: DR-18 (TV-PG) The LAPD detectives become involved in the writing of a magazine article detailing the police academy lives of women cadets in the academy.
The Bionic Woman The Jailing of Jaime (TV-PG) Jaime is arrested and jailed for conspiracy after delivering a decoding device and then makes a startling discovery about the device and its creator.
The Bionic Woman Mirror Image (TV-PG) Jaime is on vacation in Nassau, Bahamas, meanwhile doctor James Courtney transforms a woman into Jaime's double using plastic surgery.
Dragnet Public Affairs: DR-14 (TV-PG) The LAPD detectives initiate a serious crackdown on the rising crime against local businesses when contacted by concerned owners.
Dragnet Narcotics: DR-16 (TV-PG) The LAPD detectives instate a new anti-drug strategy called Smarteen encouraging California teenagers to become better educated about the dangers of drugs.
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