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The Lone Ranger Showdown at Sand Creek (TV-PG) The Lone Ranger and Tonto go to visit a long-time friend, who is also a sheriff, but discover that their old friend has been violently murdered.
The Lone Ranger Heart of a Cheater (TV-PG) The Lone Ranger and Dan Reid follow two murderous bank robbers to an old outlaw's ranch house, as he recalls his wild and violent glory days.
The Lone Ranger The Swami (TV-PG) When an aging prospector encounters a traveling swami with a unique business, he is fooled into signing over his entire life's savings to the traveler.
The Lone Ranger Sheriff's Sale (TV-PG) After a rancher becomes sheriff finds it difficult to execute justice because a murderous tyrant has most of the people on his side.
Lassie The Pony (TV-PG) Timmy believes he saw a pony the size of a rabbit in the woods, being lead by a large gypsy, but nobody will believe his unusual story.
Lassie The Square Dance (TV-PG) Timmy doesn't want to attend the Grange Square Dance, which ends up catching on fire; it is up to Lassie to save the children who are trapped inside.
The Lone Ranger Six-Gun Artist (TV-PG) When a beautiful, young artist travels to the region to draw its landscapes, the sheriff notices an increase in violent crimes involving stagecoaches.
The Lone Ranger Death Goes to Press (TV-PG) The Lone Ranger and Tonto work together to prohibit any further violence stemming from the Daily Star's articles printed by the editor and publisher.
The Lone Ranger The Return of Dice Dawson (TV-PG) An outlaw turned rancher discovers someone has been committing murders in the area and leaving his trademark sign behind for the authorities to find.
The Lone Ranger Adventure at Arbuckle (TV-PG) After the murder of her prestigious newspaper father, a young woman wants to leave the town due to her fear of the relentless tyrant who is running the city.
Lassie Sinbad (TV-PG) Timmy accidentally breaks Uncle Petrie's guitar and Timmy promises to replace it; he puts a plan together to borrow a talking parrot for a contest.
Lassie The Garden (TV-PG) Timmy is given a plotted area to grow vegetables, but along the way he learns a valuable lesson on the ups and downs of agriculture.
The Lone Ranger The Return (TV-PG) After an Indian girl is educated at a mission, she returns to her tribe to be the first school teacher, but her brother is reluctant to accept the settlers.
The Lone Ranger Framed for Murder (TV-PG) While a person is chasing wealth during a dash to collect gold, someone is killed, leading to an intense investigation of Tonto's whereabouts during the act.
The Lone Ranger Trapped (TV-PG) A young prison inmate idolizes an older fellow prisoner and joins him in escaping the U.S. Territorial prison in order to continue their criminal careers.
The Lone Ranger The Bait: Gold (TV-PG) When outlaws discover they are losing their gold mine due to a lack of payments, they steal the gold shipments of another mine owner and his daughter.
Lassie The Hungry Deer (TV-PG) During a snowstorm, Timmy attempts to save the deer after special game permits are issued as to stop the animals from forage the farming lands.
Lassie The Hospital (TV-PG) Lassie becomes determined to reach Timmy when he falls ill and must rest in the hospital.
The Lone Ranger The Sheriff's Wife (TV-PG) A small community is ransacked by crazed murderers, but as the Lone Ranger and Tonto close in on them, the killers make a plan to avoid capture.
The Lone Ranger Counterfeit Redskins (TV-PG) In Pine Valley, a group of deadly outlaws have been destroying and murdering several innocent homesteaders and their properties after dressing up as Indians.
The Lone Ranger One Nation, Indivisible (TV-PG) While the Lone Ranger and Tonto are traveling through a small town during the catastrophic Civil War, they are forced to take a stance for their beliefs.
The Lone Ranger The Wooden Rifle (TV-PG) When a man is found murdered, the only clues left at the scene of the crime for the Lone Ranger to use include a monogrammed glove and a wooden rifle.
Lassie The Penguin (TV-PG) Timmy and Scotty adopt a penguin that waddles its way to the Miller's farm after its crate falls off a truck.
Lassie The Bird House (TV-PG) Timmy builds a bird house for an injured sparrow that makes its way to the Miller's farm.
The Lone Ranger The Sheriff of Smoke Tree (TV-PG) When the Lone Ranger and Tonto learn a small mining town has been overtaken by violent gunslingers, the heroes move into action to exact justice.
The Lone Ranger The Counterfeit Mask (TV-PG) After a gunman was caught by the Lone Ranger, convicted and sent to prison, he returns for revenge by pretending to be an evil version of the Lone Ranger.
The Lone Ranger No Handicap (TV-PG) As the Lone Ranger and Tonto chase violent outlaws wreaking havoc in the southwest, they learn the gang plans to murder an aging law marshal.
The Lone Ranger The Cross of Santo Domingo (TV-PG) As a couple of priests are transporting an elaborate cross made of gold and extravagant jewels, a gang of hostile outlaws steal the cross.
Lassie Seeing Eye Dog (TV-PG) Timmy and Scott stumble upon an injured dog that assists blind people, and take on the job of nursing it back to health before returning it to the blind man.
Lassie Junior Firemen (TV-PG) Timmy and Lassie join a local fire prevention program, where Timmy learns all about fire hazards and many safety tips; over time, Timmy becomes too overzealous.
Roy Rogers Show The Silver Fox Hunt (TV-PG) The chief of the Acuna tribe informs Roy that he believes someone is stealing silver from the mine, and later, Roy and Dale find the chief has been murdered.
Roy Rogers Show The Mingo Kid (TV-PG) Ruthless outlaw the Mingo Kid captures Roy and trades clothes with him, and then Roy is taken hostage by another crook who plans on robbing Mineral City Bank.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp The Ring of Death (TV-PG) The Ten Percent Ring in Tucson wants Earp gone for good and concocts a scheme to draw Earp to Tucson to be killed, using Doc Holliday and a poker game as bait.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Wyatt Wins One (TV-PG) Wyatt's ongoing feud with the Clanton Gang continues as Old Man Clanton files a bogus claim concerning stolen meat that was meant for the Army.
The Lone Ranger White Hawk's Decision (TV-PG) As an aging Indian chief considers the future of his impoverished tribe, he has a difficult time choosing which son should lead the people after his passing.
The Lone Ranger The Return of Don Pedro O'Sullivan (TV-PG) The Lone Rancher goes undercover to assist a Mexican revolutionary with re-entering Mexico in hopes that the man will be able to defeat an evil dictator.
Harvest Time Outreach with Rick Quillen (HD)
Robert Jeffress - Pathway to Victory (TV-G) Pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas, and author Dr. Robert Jeffress offers practical and inspirational applications for today's society.
A Closer Look
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp The Noble Outlaws (TV-PG) Writer Ned Buntline wants Earp to introduce him to the Clanton clan so he might use them in his new book, and Earp plays a practical joke on Buntline.
The Lone Ranger Quicksand (TV-PG) An outlaw who is about to face hanging passes off a map to the Lone Ranger and Tonto that leads to a missing $10,000 in gold.
The Lone Ranger Quarter Horse War (TV-PG) The Lone Ranger and Tonto join up with a tenderfoot schoolteacher in the Indian Service to protect a small western town from a normally peaceable Indian tribe.
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The Lone Ranger The Letter Bride (TV-PG) An angry mob from the mining town of Morgan's Flat kidnaps a mail-order bride and plan to tar and feather the groom, but the Lone Ranger comes to the rescue.
The Lone Ranger Hot Spell in Panamint (TV-PG) The Lone Ranger foils the plot of a gang of vicious outlaws who attempted to gun down the marshal of Panimint in order to steal a gold shipment.
The Lone Ranger The Twisted Track (TV-PG) Two brothers who fought together in the Civil War as Southern renegades continue their feud against a Yankee major who has settled in Miller's Junction.
The Lone Ranger Decision for Chris McKeever (TV-PG) A stagecoach transporting a large shipment of gold is attacked and its passengers are injured during a violent robbery hundreds of miles from town.
Lassie The Crow (TV-PG) Timmy takes in an injured crow to care for it until it comes back to normal health; after it recovers, he adopts the bird as a farm pet and names it "Peck."
Lassie The Storm (TV-PG) When Timmy's friend gets a new dog, they attempt to train the dog in the ways of farm living, but the discouraged boys soon realize their efforts are futile.
The Lone Ranger Trouble at Tylerville (TV-PG) An ex-convict returns to Tylerville to live a normal life and receives help from a woman against her brother's wishes.
The Lone Ranger Christmas Story (TV-PG) The Lone Ranger and Tonto help a boy cut down a tree for his family's Christmas and begin a search of the mining camps for his missing father.
The Lone Ranger Ghost Canyon (TV-PG) The Lone Ranger and Tonto become engulfed in a narrow canyon when they try to find out what happened to an Indian tribe's cattle.
The Lone Ranger Outlaw Masquerade (TV-PG) In an effort to stop bandits from stealing a large shipment of gold, the Lone Ranger and Tonto work undercover in hopes of capturing them in the act.
Lassie Wishing (TV-PG) After Timmy has ridden a pony, Lassie realizes his love of horses, and she makes it her mission to bring the boy a new pony that night.
Lassie The Teacher (TV-PG) After the school kids learn their favorite teacher will be losing her job, due to budget cuts, they raise funds to keep her on staff, but they misplace it.
The Lone Ranger The Avenger (TV-PG) The judge of Cottonwood appoints a new town marshal who is left unstable after the murder of his father, but the Lone Ranger tries to help the man.
The Lone Ranger The Courage of Tonto (TV-PG) A group of cowboys are prepared to chase a pair of horse-stealing Indians into vicious Apache territory, but the Lone Ranger brings their plans to a halt.
The Lone Ranger The Breaking Point (TV-PG) Dan Peters has found a gold claim in Surprise Valley, but Mark Slade and his gang hold the man hostage until he reveals the location.
The Lone Ranger A Harp for Hanna (TV-PG) A farmer and his wife in Talman City suffer great loss, when their savings are stolen by a wealthy man and the rest of his crooked friends.
Lassie The Owl (TV-PG) When Ruth sends Timmy and Boomer to deliver fresh eggs for her, the boys wind up getting sidetracked by a hostile owl after breaking some of the eggs.
Lassie The Crash (TV-PG) After Timmy and Boomer see a plane crash, they run to the wreckage to survey the damage and discover that the pilot is still alive and severely injured.
The Lone Ranger A Message from Abe (TV-PG) An outlaw who has now paid his debt to society needs money to care for his sick wife, but her father refuses to help and the ex-con is accused of stealing.
The Lone Ranger Code of Honor (TV-PG) A band of outlaws dressed as U.S. cavalrymen have committed several robberies that were blamed on the cavalry captain.
The Lone Ranger Turning Point (TV-PG) The Lone Ranger and Tonto resort to the "old gang trick" when they pursue a local band of vigilantes after a desperate couple in Blue River writes for help.
The Lone Ranger Dead Eye (TV-PG) The cantankerous marshal "Dead Eye Jones" emerges from retirement to track down the murderer Jake Beaudry, and the Lone Ranger steps in to help.
Lassie The Rocking Chair (TV-PG) Lassie loves an old rocking chair that is donated to a benefit sale and she is determined to get it back.
Lassie Fish Out of Water (TV-PG) When Timmy brings home a rainbow trout with the intention to keep it as a pet, he soon realizes keeping it requires more care than he thought.
The Lone Ranger Clover in the Dust (TV-PG) The son of a rancher is murdered while tracking cattle rustlers, leaving behind the clue of a clover leaf that he drew in the dust before he died.
The Lone Ranger Slim's Boy (TV-PG) The Lone Ranger adopts a disguise as a fast-talking man to win over a gang of outlaws who plan to rob a gold refinery.
The Lone Ranger Two Against Two (TV-PG) A vicious killer and bank robber jailed by the Lone Ranger and Tonto escapes from the state prison and tries to recover his ill-gotten gains.
The Lone Ranger Ghost Town Fury (TV-PG) The three Clanton brothers escape from prison and commit a series of robberies, so the Lone Ranger visits Black Hawk seeking information about their hideout.
Lassie Trapped (TV-PG) In an attempt to ward off girls at the upcoming Halloween Party, two boys search for something to make them repulsive but get trapped in an abandoned house.
Lassie Our Gal (TV-PG) Paul's expensive new hog has a knack for running away even through tough obstacles, including a reinforced fencing and after having a litter of piglets.
Roy Rogers Show Milliner from Medicine Creek (TV-PG) Roy and Dale discover a scheme to rob the local bank; however, all the known evidence points to a beautiful young milliner and her grandfather.
Roy Rogers Show Pat's Inheritance (TV-PG) Pat and a cousin co-inherit a ranch with land perfect for grazing, but they run into trouble when reprobates plan to get a hold of their valuable land.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp The Paymaster (TV-PG) Army paymaster Major Fletcher asks Earp to transports $15,000 of Army payroll from Tombstone to Fort Breckenridge, but trouble waits for them along the way.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp The Clanton's Family Row (TV-PG) Tensions run high when Bill Brocius and Johnny Ringo fight over a horse which Bill shot, and Earp is pressured to stop the gunfight that is about to break out.
The Lone Ranger The Prince of Buffalo Gap (TV-PG) Prince Maximilian visits Buffalo Gap to take part in a buffalo hunt and discovers that his uncle, the Baron, wants to have him killed in a planned accident.
The Lone Ranger The Law and Miss Aggie (TV-PG) A pioneer woman harbors anger for all Indians stemming from the murder of her husband and son by Apaches 20 years ago.
Harvest Time Outreach with Rick Quillen (HD)
Robert Jeffress - Pathway to Victory (TV-G) Pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas, and author Dr. Robert Jeffress offers practical and inspirational applications for today's society.
A Closer Look
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Get Shotgun Gibbs (TV-PG) Earp's enemies, the Ten Percent Ring, want revenge for the death of Priddy, and Sheriff Behan persuades them to kill Shotgun Gibbs instead of Earp.
The Lone Ranger The Tarnished Star (TV-PG) The new town marshal takes office in Peaceful Valley and meets a new challenge when a gang of robbers wearing false face masks invades the town.
The Lone Ranger The Canuck (TV-PG) The town of Vandalia has been overrun by murderous, thieving outlaws, with the inhabitants too threatened to take action.
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